Your Joints – Nurture Them!

joints 3

Shoulder pain, headache, knee pain, back ache…..the list goes on and on. Most of the population really struggles with one or more of the above. 

We look for professionals to help us relieve our aches and pains. Often this helps tremendously BUT how can YOU take control of looking after YOUR own joints.

Longevity means that you are able to age well and in doing so, you are able to perform functional movements daily.

Think about it like this:

  • Your knees have to carry you forever.
  • Your hips have to handle the load that you give it forever.
  • Your feet have to carry your body forever.
  • Your shoulders have to handle all of the weight and movements that you give it daily.

This is all part of life.

But what if you could really do something substantial that will help you create stability, less pain, awareness and healthy joints? The answer is simple but it needs a little bit of dedication.

If I told you that understanding the way your hips move, the stability that’s required, the reason for getting tension headaches and the importance of efficient movement is the answer...would you listen? If your answer is NO, then I am afraid, you might be very sorry one day as your knee cave in, your spine degenerates, your shoulders impinge and your hips develop arthritis or bursitis. None of those should be something that you choose. They are awful!


Do you know what hip disassociation is and how to perform it?

Do you know what hip-flexor abdominal co-ordination is and why you need it?

Do you know how to correct YOUR posture, not the general idea of good posture?

Do you know the effect that technology has on your spine?

Do you know anything about good shoulder stability and how to obtain it?

It is time to take responsibility for your body and what you put it through. Maybe all you need to do is to learn what will make my body scream….

‘THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF ME, now I will look after you when you are old’.

Knowing some things makes life so much easier. Stop learning so much about work, work, work and start learning about what you REALLY NEED TO LOOK AFTER YOU!

How? follow the links below;

If you have the above information at your fingertips….you will age well and be the advert for LONGEVITY!

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

Tanya Thompson – CEO Pilates Unlimited & Of-CourseOnline

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