That Poking Scapula!

scpular poking

The single most difficult joint in the body to stabilize. Why?

Because it requires a MIND – BODY connection. 

There is so much literature that you can read on shoulder stability including on the Healthy Truths Blog. 

But why is it that we are so hell bent on finding the answer to shoulder stability? Did you know that if you could achieve shoulder stability, your neck and thoracic spine will have a celebration party. Why? Because they will be stress free!

Can you spot the bad shoulder?

If our functional daily movements are not performed correctly then we will create chronic shoulder issues. This will lead to cervical, gleno-humeral and possibly thoracic spine issues.

So how do we get this right?

  1. Scapular movement assessment versus cervical and thoracic spine alignment and  movement.
  2. Gleno-humeral FREE MOVEMENT
  3. Thoracic spine alignment
  4. Specific teaching cues
  5. Specific hands on teaching
  6. Specific movement exercises that break away from the GENERIC PROGRAMS.

Moving with the times to really connect to the scapula will be the success of any program. Watch 12 x 30min sessions improvement POST OP!

Seeing is believing.

Can you identify all of the compensatory movements in the video below?

So what do you need to do to achieve all of the positive movements?

The first step is proper shoulder stability is education and in education we are referring to practical movement education. Real practical application of shoulder movement.

To make your life easier, we created the ‘Shoulder stability WOW factor course’ and the ‘Shoulder stabilization, precision and rehabilitation course’. That is the biggest stepping stone to a huge difference. And we will not stop there. We have so much up our sleeve when it comes to shoulder stability. Our objective is leave you feeling confident in tackling those shoulders!

Read Rotator cuff POST OP rehab here. 

Read Eliminate Shoulder Impingement here.

That is all you need to do!

That is the HEALHTY TRUTH!


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