CARE – Mind, Body & Soul


I just had the wonderful privilege of training 3 new course facilitators for Of-CourseOnline and Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement.

What stood out most during this course, was our intense discussions regarding ‘the human element’! We teach movement and exercise and with this comes all the frills and spills of anatomy, movement principles and various conditions or pathology. But what about the person who is standing right in front of you? If we want to bring people closer to health and well-being, then we have to accept them, as a package deal.

Who they truly are, where they are from, how they grew up, who they pretend to be and their present state of mind. Once all of these are considered with a non-judgmental attitude from the instructor, only then do we truly make a difference.

Sure we are not psychologists, but we have that intuition that whispers silently in our ear, we have situational awareness and empathy (I hope). If we understand the adult as a product of their past and a work in progress in the present, then we can adapt our methods when teaching all individuals movement or exercise.

When we reach this point of awareness, we will have understanding of sudden responses by clients to random situations, that might seem out of character. We will know that this not as a reflection of our-self, but rather as a hurdle that our client might be facing.

We are dealing with people and not robots. Everyone has ‘issues’ if we can treat each client with an attitude of compassion, understanding and care, we might discover a positive new development in our ‘customer service’.

May our approach to people, both personally and professionally, come from a place of understanding with a strong element of professionalism. Let’s refrain from the crazy human nature that we see nowadays. Let’s think old school….. with all the magic of new school!

Through it all, we all have that special something that we have to offer. The act of giving and understanding is really healing for the soul.  We are in the perfect industry to make a real change, Mind & Body.

Of Course you get the crazy clients, the difficult clients and those who make you work your butt off for the hour AND for your money. May each one of these clients make you a better, stronger person and a better business owner or movement professional. Stay strong, be true to who you are and never feel the need to be part of the ‘herd’. Take your work, make it yours and then above all…..

…… JUST CARE enough to bring all the right people into your space!

Negativity be gone….. click DELETE

Tanya Thompson – CEO and Founder and Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement

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